Commercial Electrician in Monterey Park

Commercial Electrical Services in Monterey Park CA

Smooth and safe operation of business activities is necessary for any organization. Any electrical problem in your office can put a halt to the routine activities of your office. With such a competitive market structure in the Monterey Park CA area, we understand how things can go wrong even with a slight amount of delay. This applies to both small businesses and multi-business organizations.

A good number of business owners in the neighborhood of Monterey Park CA have already put faith in us and we continuously work hard to fulfill their expectations. We as a commercial electrician's put the focus on giving active customer assistance to people which refers to addressing the grievances of our customers without any delay. We offer our services at a competitive rate. Our effort is to understand your business well so that we can fulfill all your commercial electrical requirements.

Security of your lighting system

No matter what industry you are running, it is necessary that your organization should be protected from any illegal intrusion, theft and other criminal activities. proper lighting is one of the many things that could safeguard your property from any such unlawful activities which might result in significant revenue loss.

We do a thorough examination of your working space both the interiors and outdoors of your commercial building and come out with a plan to protect your business by installing security lighting. Till now we have helped many businesses in the Monterey Park CA area to keep their commercial properties safe and we can serve you very well.

Upgrading your electrical panel

Timely inspection of your electrical panel is necessary for the safety of your commercial office. Proper electrical inspection prevents accidental electrocution, fire or unexpected power cut due to overloading.  Especially old office buildings are more likely to suffer from this condition of overloading. Being a business owner means you are committed to providing a safe working environment and it becomes possible when you contact us.

When you put faith in us to take care of your business we conduct a complete inspection of your electrical panel and ensure that everything is done keeping in mind the insurance regulations and all your electrical equipment are functioning efficiently. The overloaded electrical panel could result in high power bills. We also check if any of your equipment is using power more than normal which could also be a reason for the high energy bill.

Beautifying your office space through specialty lighting

Our primary concern is to create a well secured and beautiful modern office for you which can help in the expansion of your business by continuously attracting clients. Specialty lighting such as accent or track lighting will give a distinct identity to your business and will eventually complement your success and revenue generation.

Code consulting

All the electrical wiring done in commercial organizations must meet the required industry standard and this will secure their business licenses and permits. We assist you with an inspection of electrical wiring at your office to ascertain whether you are fulfilling all the code requirements. If any defects found in them we will create a plan accordingly to repair them. This way your business will remain to be productive. 

Our specialization includes the following areas -

  • Drafting a complete electrical plan that includes designing, wiring, and installation
  • Electrical upgrade
  • Energy auditing
  • Generator repair
  • Transformer repair
  • Routine inspection as per service contracts

You can contact us at 1-877-460-VOLT-8658 for all kinds of electrical emergency repairing services.

For over 15 years, Innovolt Electric, Inc. has built a reputation for successfully managing highly complex design, build and installation projects under a wide variety of conditions and circumstances.
Our technicians have high level experience on supermarkets, like: Vons, Ralphs, Northgate Markets, Vallarta and many more. We manage to repair your panel switch boards, transformers, power panels, and controls for refrigeration facility lightning, parking lot lights, and other site- specific equipment. When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician who can help at a moment’s notice.